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You may edit a message from the message harbor and add to it, such as Dear John, and at the bottom Love, Sarah. Or attach your message below, as a word doc or .txt file
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  Glass 7 inches x 2 inches for Only $25.99
  Plastic 7 inches x 2 inches for Only $25.99
Accent Pieces :



Confetti accent pieces in the bottle
Choose Your Sand Color :



No Sand add extra confetti

No Sand

Natural Biege Beach Sand


Ocean Blue Mix


Choose Your Parchment Paper :



Golden Tan

Lite Blue
Choose Your Cord Color :

Black Cord

Blue Cord

Green Cord

Nautical White Cord

Pink Cord


Red Cord

White Cord

Gold Cord
Choose Your Twilight Shimmers :

Twilight Shimmers
This cost $.45 extra, but looks awesome
Custom Background :
Want a custom color background, input your request below, be very descriptive, for example, tropical island background with setting sun, spring flowers background, hearts, rubber ducks swimming in the ocean, coastal shot with palm trees, ocean waves breaking on a cliff, setting sun on a tropical island, treasure map, small dog walking on the beach or a big palm tree.We will create a background for you from our 1000s of images, compress and send it to you for your approval, you will email us a go to print. Price is based on how much work is invovled and volume of MIBs ordered. We will email you a price quote
Insert comments or special instructions below :
if you would like something different than the above confettis and seashells we have hundreds of confettis we can order, from brides and grooms, wedding bells, to hearts, x and o's, input your request and we will see what we can come up with, we will email you scanned images of the confetti for your review.
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