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The most affordable, personalizable and unique gift of its kind anywhere...
for as little as $23.99 includes US postage anywhere in the USA.

You can customize your Message in a Bottle with the following options :
Parchment paper color - golden tan, lite blue, white or pink
Sand color - white, pink, blue, turquoise, black, natural beach sand, ocean blue sand.
Cord color - nautical white cord, white, pink, red, tan, black, green, blue or raffia
Custom-printed message background - choose from our library or we can create one for you.
Sparkling accent pieces - from palm trees, dolphins, hearts, x's and o's, stars, suns, seashells, sparkly hearts.....
Special date delivery (delivered via Fedex Overnight - costs extra)
With so many options, the possibilities are virtually limitless!
Clients from AOL to Marriott have relied on us to deliver unforgettable custom messages. You, too, can send a Message in a Bottle as a special gift, invitation, or romantic gesture. Find a reason to brighten someone�s day and choose the appropriate message in a bottle or design your own
The Message Harbor is filled with wonderful messages from anniversary messages, love messages and more choose the words that speak for you, and choose the message in a bottle to enclose your message in.

Invite your guests with stylish
Message In a Bottle invitations

The Message In A Bottle is the perfect invitation for a birthday, anniversary, get together, wedding, Survivor party, Pirate Party, or any other special event. Each order no matter how large or small will have its own Message In A Bottle consultant, who will take care of your order from start to finish. Each Message In A Bottle is hand assembled by one of our family team members with care, as if they were creating it for their very own invitation to their special day. Pricing starts at as little as $2.99 each with a minimum order of 12 or more.

Message in a Bottle this unique gift, invitation or promotional will shine brightly at the home or office, conversation starter for many years to come. Easy to display at the office or home, every time they see their MIB, glowing like the lighthouse through denses fog, they will be wisked away from their everyday and filled with the glow and warmth of mementos that fill their MIB. Allow them to get lost, be found, and they will remember, the wonderful person who sent them their MIB.

Send a virtual message in a bottle via islandgram.com, discover the lost beach on the world wide web, and its free stay as long as you like.


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