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Invitation Kits
The Message in a Bottle Kit was created so you can gather some friends and family over, and make your own MIBs for your special event.
We are here to assist you along the way, we even created a MS Word file with templates, tips, tricks, ideas, even wording as well. When you order, we will email it to you when we ship your order.
Our bottles, boxes, and corks are post office approved and tested, we use these everyday to create unique and wonderful gifts and invitations.
Want to do it yourself but don't want to do the printing of the message or RSVP card, we will do the printing for you. When you go to the order form simply input your message. We wil send you a proof in two days.

Message and RSVP printing now available. - $.50 per kit for message and $.45 per kit for RSVP

Use our bottles for invitations, special event annoucement, birthday invitations, kids birthday party fun(we recommend plastic)


Shipping -  A shipping total will be given at checkout for US destinations via Fedex Ground service and other Fedex options.

HI, AK, and International Customers - We ship worldwide from the UK to Australia, to Russia to Ireland, we are happy to be at your service.  We ship via United States Postal Service International, best thing to do is E-mail Us exactly what you are looking to order and we will email you a shipping quote.  We are happy to be at your service. 

Now a word about those other companies/websites selling bottles, corks and mailing boxes, etc., we are the original creators of both the MIB (short for Message in a Bottle) and MIB kit. . We have been in this business over 10 years and ship bottles day in and day out.

Our bottles both glass and plastic are manufactured to our specifications, do you really want to risk that important message not reaching that important person or company, and simply ending up in the postal trash.
Be leary of bottles offered as a bottle to house a message in it, it might be a bottle but is it a bottle they use everyday for the purpose of a message in a bottle. Our product is high quality and we use these bottles everyday, we depend on them as you can depend on us. We were the first anywhere with this style MIB, don't be fooled by imitations, as they don't care how your MIB turns out or if its safe. WE DO...its that Simple
We are here to assist you, don't want to do it yourself, we can do everything in house, even mail the MIBs out for you. Visit the party or wedding invitation links to the left.


Invitation Kits
Plastic/Glass bottle (on right)
6.5 inches tall by 2 inches wide - roughly

Minimum order - 12 or more, you can order 13, 21,  27, 32, 48, any number greater than 12.

If you want a sample input 1 in the order form field for how many MIB kits you want.

$.85 per bottle and cork only.
$1.25 per bottle, cork, and mailing box

As low as $.70 based on volume

Glass Bottles must be mailed in a box - average postage $3.40 first class mail
Plastic Bottles - can be mailed as is average postage $2.32 first class mail Our bottles and boxes are post office approved.
Complete Kits
$1.45 bottle, cork, sand, shells and parchment paper
$1.85 bottle, cork, sand, shells, box and parchment paper.
From order to shipping usually 1-3 business days
Order Now - Pick and choose your add ons, confetti, cordage, sand, seashells, paper, be patient lots of images to load on order form.
Choose add ons like cords or raffia, $.30 per cord/raffia
Confetti, similar to those on the right $2.50 per scoop enough to do 36 MIBs
Seashells $2.50 1/4lb - enough to to do 50 MIBs
Extra Sand $1.50 per lb enough to do 30 MIBs with 1/4 of sand on the bottom of the bottle
Printing of your message is available as well as RSVP postcards. Simply fill out that portion of the order form.
The MIB Prints are not available with the kits these are exclusive to customers ordering for inhouse production.
If you would like a sample, click the Order Now button below, ,fill out the order form input 1 for number of MIBs, and we will send you a sample MIB for only $9.99 we will prioritize your order and mail it out via priority mail - a $5.85 value!!
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