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Having a party, it all begins with a
Great invitation, otherwise no one will be there
A message in a bottle is the right way to announce your special event, from birthdays, to surprise parties, to anniversaries. Any event gets more special when it is announced as a message in a bottle. Imagine the recipients surprise to receive a message in a bottle with your invitation inside, with the accent pieces in the bottle hinting about the blast they will have. We can create any style Message in a Bottle to meet your party’s theme.
We are honored and privileged to have you consider us to send out this very special invitation. Our unique Party Invitation Message in a Bottle provides a beautiful keepsake for all those invited to your party; it will be cherished for years to come. Our pricing starts at $2.99 and we have a minimum order of 12 or more, more pricing is below.
You can browse around the gift selections to the left to get a better idea of what the MIB (Message In a Bottle) will look like when it is created for you by the team of MIB consultants whom will be taking great care of your order.
We promise to work with you on creating the perfect party invitation for your special day, to take great care in creating your MIB, each will be hand assembled by a proud MIB consultant whom will treat each one as if it is being created and sent to someone special to announce their event.
You will ultimately design your own party invitation MIB, from the sand color to the parchment paper color, cord color and the accent pieces in the bottle. You can use any type of wording you wish for your message, and edit it in the order form or attach a MS word doc, on the order form as well. We also offer custom prints for the messages or can create a unique one for you. We will email you a proof of your invitation in one or two business days after you place your order, nothing is charged to your method of payment until you tell us to go to print. Average production time is five to seven business days, once we receive an email telling us to go to print and if we are mailing for you we receive your excel file of addresses.
We know how stressful and hectic preparing for your event is, we are here to help, we offer a mailing service, where we generate your mailing label, apply the necessary postage and take your MIBs to the post office. We also offer RSVP postcards. We look forward and are privileged to be part of this event. 
message in a bottle party invitations


Party Invitation
Below pricing is for any standard MIB on the website.
Pricing is as follows
12 - 200 plastic MIBs (7 inches tall by 2 inches wide) $2.99 per MIB - mail as is no box needed, post office approved.
12 - 200 glass MIBs $3.99 per MIB each of these MIBs is packed individually in a white box resting in a sea of white foam, the MIB appears to arrive on the white surf of the tide.
250 and up plastic MIBs $2.90
250 and up glass MIBs $3.90
Invitations are printed in black ink, color ink is available at additional cost. Graphics and scanned background images on invitation available at additional cost.
Postage cost Plastic - $2.54 first class mail
Glass - $3.74 first class maill 
Mailing service
For only $.40 extra per MIB plus the necessary postage per MIB, we will print your labels attach them to the box, or plastic bottle. Affix the necessary postage and bring them to the post office for you. All you have to do is send us an email with your addresses to us in an Excel file, which we will email to you. When considering this service, remember the cost of shipping and handling of the MIBs to you. 
Party Invitation

RSVP Postcards
 Post cards will be printed on postcard parchment paper, same color your wedding invitations are printed on. You might be wondering where is the wording, you get to write your own. Each postcard measures 4.25 x 5.5 they come with postage, your address printed on the opposite side. Prices start at $.99 per MIB (includes $.32 postage stamp). If ordering glass we will insert them into the box with the MIB, if ordering a plastic MIB after you place your order and have confirmed we will tell you the method of mailing RSVPs. SAMPLES If you would like a sample, click the Order Now button below, ,fill out the order form input 1 for number of MIBs, and we will send you a sample MIB for only $9.99 we will prioritize your order and mail it out via priority mail - a $5.85 value!!

party invitation rsvp

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