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Do you need a way to raise money then we have the perfect product for you.  After doing the same old fundraisers year after year do something the kids, the PTA and the parents can have fun doing.

We offer Message in a Bottle kits, from glass bottle or plastic bottle and cork only for $.85, or complete kits for $1.85 bottle, cork, box, sand, shells and parchment paper. 

We also offer cords, decorative accent pieces.  The more you order the better your discount, you can easily get $5 or more per Message in a Bottle. 

A fun and exciting for the kids to create a message in a bottle for a friend, or loved one, have them hand deliver it on important person day.  These work great with book fairs as well.

Questions give us a call be happy to talk to you.  714-441-3442


Fundraising Kits

Message in a Bottle kits

These kits are great for any occasion, they measure 7 inches tall by 2 inches wide, glass bottles and plastic bottles look exactly the same.  The plastic is made of a high quality material that is ultra clear.


Fundraising Kits
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